Postcard Swap


If you would like to participate but missed the signup deadline, add your name to the group here and you will be notified of future swaps. 

It all started when...

One day back in December 2013 a friend shared with me Jai Tanju's "Film Por Vida" Print Exchange Program You can see his blog here). It was fate. A few hours earlier I was thinking about the days when we used to write letters to each other and now those days are over. It's kind of sad. Our words  to each other only exist in the digital world which is fleeting and tenuous.

This also goes with our images. We use the internet to share our photography with each other which is great, but what if we shared something more tangible, like prints?  Let's make the mail fun again!

We are exchanging postcard sized prints of our original photography that you either print traditionally in a darkroom, or that you print on an inkjet printer.

Prints should be your own original photography. Make sure your postcard is standard: rectangular and no more than 4 inches (10 cm) high and 6 inches (15.24) long.

Digital and film photography are both welcome!

You can buy darkroom paper that has the postcard markings on the back! it is made by Illford. I have been using this for my black and white darkroom prints.

 Websites that print postcards:

  1. Snapfish

  2. Moo

  3. Postcard on the Run (also a smartphone app)

  4. Walgreens

  5. If you can suggest other sites please let me know in the comments

This website sells postcard supplies, including plastic sleeves to protect them! Check out this postcard album! And these 4x6 postcard backings.

let me know if you have any questions!