Enchanted Forest with P30

Sometime last June my husband and I watched the latest episode of the show Ghost Adventures (please don't judge me - it's one of my favorite guilty pleasures). It just so happened that the crew was visiting a site an hour south of us, The Enchanted Forest. So we decided to go visit the next day. And I brought cameras. Of course I brought my pinhole camera. But today I wanted to share the photos I took with my Olympus OM1 and Ferrania P30.

Little Miss Muffet

I love this film for the subject matter. The place is every bit as creepy as Ghost Adventures made it look on television, and I wanted to capture that on film.

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

December 20

It is with total dismay that I realize I missed a day in my One Pinhole A Day project!! I didn't even realize this until very recently when I was organizing the photos. I went back to see what I did that day. I realized it was the day that I got my new iPhone. So I guess I was busy setting it up. Hm. 

Well here is an iPhone I took that day, just to fill in the blank.