Film swap with Square Peg Pinhole, Round 2

Several months ago I did a pinhole film swap with Square Peg Pinhole (you may recall). While I was shooting my roll of Portra, he was working on a roll of Acros to send to me. This would be my first black and white film swap! I really like the results! Here are my favorites from the roll. Again we used a Holga WPC on the 6x12 mask. The last photo in the gallery made Flickr Explore, which is always kind of an ego boost. 

Check out Herschel's wonderful photography on his blog or Flickr!

WPPD film swap with The Old Penfold

As I mentioned before, on Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day I met up with several of my fellow pinhole photography friends in Amsterdam. When we stopped for lunch we put a roll of 120 film into a hat - a roll of pinhole that we shot before we left for Amsterdam. Then we passed the hat around and picked a roll. I picked Alex. I had to figure out what to do with his 6x17 photos on the roll.  I finally decided to shoot 6x6 and do a triptych over his shots. For each triptych I did a self portrait, a shot of the "landscape" and a shot of some flora in the landscape I was in. 

You can see more of Alex's great work on his Flickr stream or his website

Click the images to see them in their wide angle glory. 

Pinhole Film Swap with Aware Of The Void

As I mentioned a few posts down, I became interested in doing pinhole film swaps several months ago when I discovered people were doing them. As I thought about pinhole film swaps I came up with an idea. What if a person just sent an entire camera with film re-rolled to another person? My Pinholga is lightweight and cheap, so if it gets lost in the mail it's no big deal. Also, using the same camera would ensure the frames matched up. So I asked my friend Brendan if he would be interested in trying this and he was! I spent the next few weeks shooting a roll, then I sent it overseas to Ireland. I have to say, it was really fun seeing my little Holga on location in Ireland on Brendan's IG feed every now and then. And I am now thinking my little Holga needs more Transatlantic adventures...

I really love how the shots came out! I am really liking the way pinhole film swaps turn out in general and I really want to do more of them. The weird, dreamy nature of pinhole works well with the serendipity the double exposed image. 

Here are my faves. Click the thumbnail for bigger. 

I will get my camera back next week in Amsterdam - with a fresh roll ready to expose -  so stay tuned for a round two! 

You can see more (previous) film swap results from Brendan and I on my Flickr. 

You should definitely check out Brendan's wonderful photography. You can do so on his Flickr or his blog, Aware Of The Void. 

Pinhole Film Swap with Square Peg Pinhole

I really enjoy doing film swaps. I love the collaboration between my fellow film photographers and I love the serendipity that occurs. At some point I realized that people were doing pinhole film swaps. Of course I needed to do one too. It combines two things that I love! So I let fate decide who I was going to do my first pinhole film swap with. One day in January I mentioned on Twitter that I wanted to do a pinhole film swap. Within moments my buddy Herschel (AKA Square Peg Pinhole) said, "Yes! Let's do this!" I was thrilled! I've admired Herschel's pinhole work for quite some time and so doing a film swap with him would be quite an honor. 

He suggested that we both shoot a roll and send it to each other and that we both use Holga WPCs. We decided on the 6x12 mask. I shot my roll that weekend and sent it off to Nashville where he lives. A few days ago I received the results via email (click thumbnails to see them in all of their wide-angle glory):

I am very pleased with how they came out! The pinhole aspect adds to the dreamy nature of film swaps in general. 

The film we used for this was Portra 160.

You should totally check out Herschel's work. You can find him here:

And now that I've done another film swap I am wanting to do more! I've missed doing them. If you are interested in doing a film swap  with me - pinhole or otherwise - let me know! It's a lot of fun! 

Filmswap with Craoni

Craoni, also know as Tony, is a friend that I know from Flickr. I "met" him when he saw one of the film swap photos I did with Brendan. He was kind of blown away by the results and wanted to try it himself so I sent some film his way. I used Portra 800 and I really love the results of this film. I kind of feel bad that I "wasted" a roll of this film on a film swap because it is expensive and so wonderful. But it had been sitting in my closet for awhile and I felt like I needed to use it. 

I am very happy with how these turned out! They have a very dreamy quality to them. 

Mine were taken around Mt. Hood (Oregon) and his were taken somewhere in Australia. You can see more of our filmswap here. Find more of Tony's work on his Flickr

(click thumbnail for bigger.)

Sometimes the inexplicable happens

One day last summer my friend Inge alerted me and some other friends to a contest from Fluster Magazine. It was a film swap contest and she thought that I would be interested in participating. She was right (as you might have guessed). I was very interested. So I filled out the form so I could be partnered with a swap buddy. My buddy was a woman from Singapore and she would be the first shooter. I was really excited at the prospect of collaborating with someone from Singapore! However, two weeks went by and I didn’t hear a word from her. The person in charge of the contest emailed me to check in and I told her that my partner hadn’t gotten in touch yet so she said she would connect me with someone else.

A couple of days later I got a message from my friend Brendan. He said that his Swappa partner didn’t work out and they randomly partnered him with a person named Moni from the USA (me). I thought he was joking. I thought this was his funny way of asking to do another filmswap and so  I went along with the joke. My initial assumption was that his Swappa buddy didn’t work out and he was the first shooter, so he had this film swap roll needing a home (crazy how the mind works at  5:30 in the morning). Eventually it became clear that this was no joke. And, indeed, I checked my email and there was something from the organizer introducing Brendan and I as Swappa buddies and giving us instruction on what to do.

So yeah. That was weird.

It just so happens that three of our photos made it into the finals and are in a book.You can preview and purchase the book here.

Here are some of the results from our swap. They turned out really great. My shots were taken at Timberline Lodge and the Japanese Garden in PDX and his in and around Dublin, Ireland.

Film Swap with Inge - Round 2!

I did another film swap with my friend Inge last month. This time around I sent a roll of film overseas to Inge. I shot my roll at Bagby Hotsprings, the day I write about in this blog post, actually. She decided to shoot the roll while she was on vacation in Germany. The results are really cool! Here are more of my favorites:  


Amsterdam Vs. Sandy

I met Inge via Brendan when I first saw the film swap they did together. I checked out her photography on Flickr and was all, "I need to be friends with this woman." We have a lot in common, film photography and tattoos being a couple of those things. I am glad that she felt the same way because I have really enjoyed getting to know her on Twitter and Facebook. Inge lives in the Netherlands and took her photos in Amsterdam. She shot her side of the roll with an Afga Optima. She redscaled the roll and sent it my way to Oregon where I re-shot it on a walk around Sandy one Sunday evening. My shots are upside down which made for some interesting effects.

The idea of Amsterdam vs Sandy makes me laugh a bit. Sandy is so small town and hokey. I love my little town, don't get me wrong. But it is.  I thought it might be fun to contrast my small town with Amsterdam, which in my mind is this mythological utopia of liberal goodness (I have never been there but it is on my list of Places I Must Visit Before I Die).

You can see more of Inge's work on her Flickr.

Oregon/Washington Film Swap

If I had to blame my obsession with film phtography on a person it would be my friend Nick from Spokane. Back in the days when we used to go on "Photorolls" with the Spokane Flickr Group (years and years ago) he was dabbling in film photography. And doing interesting things with it! Like double exposures and pinhole photography. I remember seeing his stuff and saying in my head (in all caps) "I WANT TO DO THAT."

Six years later and I am doing that. And I am having a blast.

Inspired by the filmswap I did with Brendan, Nick suggest that we do an Oregon/Washington film swap. I sent some film his way and he sent some film my way. You can see the results of the film I sent him on his Flickr. Here are a few of my favorites from the film he sent me. The film he sent was 20 years expired so that is why it is a bit grainy and has a blue-ish cast.

If you want to swap film with me let me know in the comments! It's fun!

Source: http://monismithphotography.files.wordpres...

More International Film Swap Fun

The International Film Swap with Brendan continues (as I previously mentioned)! Hooray! I am really enjoying these collaborations.  Here are my favorites from this round  My shots were taken in Santa Cruz & San Francisco. His were taken at the Grand Canal in Dublin, Ireland.

Source: http://monismithphotography.files.wordpres...

International Film Swap Pt. 2

My International Filmswap with Brendan from Aware of the Void continues! He shot the last of the three rolls on Sunday - and even developed them himself so we could have results that day. I am so pleased with how they turned out! Here are some of my favorites. 

My side was shot in Downtown Portland, Oregon and at Cape Disappointment, Washington. His side was shot in Dublin, Ireland. He blogs at and he has a really good Flickr stream that you should check out too.

See the photos from Part 1 here.

Source: http://monismithphotography.files.wordpres...

International Film Swap

I mentioned awhile ago that I am participating in Aware Of The Void's international film swap project. I finally sent some film his way a couple of weeks ago, he shot a couple of rolls and developed them this past weekend and the results are AMAZING. Honestly. The serendipity of the way some of the images are super-imposed is nothing less than, well, what is the word? Metaphysical? I don't know. This is what I love about art. I love how things just happen. Art is experienced, rather than explained. And there is no way to explain this with words, so why don't I just show you.

My part of it was shot here in Oregon, some of it on a walk to Wahclella Falls on the Columbia River Gorge. Some of it shot at McMenamin's Edgefield in Troutdale. Brendan's side was shot in Dublin, Ireland. If you are interested in participating check out his really great blog, Aware of the Void! You can also find more of his excellent photography on his  Flickr stream.