Cross processed pinhole

Exposure time: 16 seconds.

Exposure time: 16 seconds.

Yesterday, during a brief Facebook discussion on a friend’s status, I was pointed to this tip on scanning cross processed negatives by Herschel from I immediately needed to try it out on some x-proed pinhole shots I took last fall that I wasn’t super thrilled with.

The tip: scan cross processed slide film as positive and then invert in your photo processing software. I have Lightroom which is a bit tricky. A bit of Googling helped meand I was able to do this in Lightroom quite easily.

This was a shot that I wasn’t happy with originally. It was very over exposed and way too contrasty. I couldn’t even make out what it was, actually. I am pleased with how this came out! I am still not convinced that cross processing is the be all and end all, but it is fun to play with now and then.

Camera: Zero 2000
Exposure time: 16 seconds
Film: Mystery Fuji slide film
Pinhole: 0.18mm
Focal Length: 25mm
ISO: 100
Aperture: f138
Dev: C-41 by Lab – cross processed
Scan:Epson V500 – scanned as positive and inverted in Lightroom