Self With Pears

I started a "Sheet A Day" pinhole project a couple of months ago, in which I shoot one sheet of 4x5 film a day in my Zero 4x5. I want to really get to know this camera and I thought this would be an interesting practice to help me with that. I have been enjoying the project for the most part! I did finally run out of steam last week on day 46 though. But I kept on going anyway. 

As I go develop the photos i do a rough scan with my iphone and a light-box to see what they look like. I am uploading them all on my Flickr here (If you are interested in seeing them let me know. we will need to be Flickr contacts. They are not fit for public consumption!) It has given me time to decide which ones I want to scan on the V700 at Newspace

This is one that I really liked. I feel like there is something here, but am not sure what that "something" is. I like what is going on with the pears, for example. I like the sort of mundane self portrait in the background. I feel like there might be a project in here somewhere. I just need to suss it out somehow...