Olympus XA and x-pro

This is a photo taken in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. On King's day we decided to escape the crazy and take the train into Inge's home town. She and her husband gave us a tour of this beautiful city. While we were there she gave me an Olympus XA that she'd picked up at a camera swap and some Afga Precisa slide film.  I was so excited! 

This camera is so fun. It will be something I go to again and again, I'm sure. 

However, I am still uncertain about cross processing slide film. It seems like whenever I do it my experience is less than stellar. None of my photos look like this. I'm never blown away by the results. My feeling is more of frustration. I think it is that I am having trouble scanning cross processed negatives. my scanner's software does odd things to the colors and I'm not tech savvy enough to figure out how to fix that.