Pinhole Film Swap with Square Peg Pinhole

I really enjoy doing film swaps. I love the collaboration between my fellow film photographers and I love the serendipity that occurs. At some point I realized that people were doing pinhole film swaps. Of course I needed to do one too. It combines two things that I love! So I let fate decide who I was going to do my first pinhole film swap with. One day in January I mentioned on Twitter that I wanted to do a pinhole film swap. Within moments my buddy Herschel (AKA Square Peg Pinhole) said, "Yes! Let's do this!" I was thrilled! I've admired Herschel's pinhole work for quite some time and so doing a film swap with him would be quite an honor. 

He suggested that we both shoot a roll and send it to each other and that we both use Holga WPCs. We decided on the 6x12 mask. I shot my roll that weekend and sent it off to Nashville where he lives. A few days ago I received the results via email (click thumbnails to see them in all of their wide-angle glory):

I am very pleased with how they came out! The pinhole aspect adds to the dreamy nature of film swaps in general. 

The film we used for this was Portra 160.

You should totally check out Herschel's work. You can find him here:

And now that I've done another film swap I am wanting to do more! I've missed doing them. If you are interested in doing a film swap  with me - pinhole or otherwise - let me know! It's a lot of fun!