School of Rock


I was inpired by my friend Inge's double exposures so I thought I would try my hand at doing some intentional ones with my Holga. There were a couple of keepers on the roll. Here is one. I took this in Portland on Hawthorne. First I took a photo of the "School of Rock" sign and then I turned around and took a shot of a poster-covered telephone pole. 

I had a lot of fun with this! I will try it again, for sure. I think I also want to give my Holga more attention too.  

If you love doing film swaps and double exposures you should join us here at the Facebook group that Inge set up (and that I'm helping out as admin).  


With apologies  to Vivian Maier #2

This is from the same roll as my last post. I had my Yashica Mat in my purse with me as I stepped into the grocery store. I passed by this game as I do everyday but this time I looked at it and I saw my reflection. I stopped and took this shot as passers-by got annoyed with me for blocking the foyer. 

I have been looking at Vivian Maier's work, as many others have, and love her reflection self portraits. I was inspired by her, as well as Jana Obscura, who did a series of self portraits with her Rolleiflex a few months ago.

Though I am not sure inspiration is really the right word here. I have been doing these since I have had a camera in my hand. I think it is a natural thing for us photographers to do because I am not the only one. I wonder why? 

Camera: Yashica Mat 124G
Film: Fuji Neopan Acros 100
ISO: 100
Dev: Diafine (home developed)
Scan: Epson V500