I am continuing to explore self portraiture with pinhole photography. I am not sure what I love about self portraits. I don't think I am narcissistic. I think they just fascinate me. Especially pinhole self portraits. 

This was taken with my Schlem P6*6 and Ektar 100. I think it was exposed around 3 minutes?

Incidentally, this photo made Explore on Flickr, which is always kind of an ego boost. However my ego was soon kicked in the ribs upon discovering that it was put into a gallery called, "Explore...WHY?!?" I had to laugh at that, actually. I have said the same thing about many photos in Flickr's Explore. My big photography pet peeve is HDR and I have not been afraid to say so publicly, in probably a not-so-nice-way. So I yeah. I think I deserve this little bit of karma.