WPPD film swap with The Old Penfold

As I mentioned before, on Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day I met up with several of my fellow pinhole photography friends in Amsterdam. When we stopped for lunch we put a roll of 120 film into a hat - a roll of pinhole that we shot before we left for Amsterdam. Then we passed the hat around and picked a roll. I picked Alex. I had to figure out what to do with his 6x17 photos on the roll.  I finally decided to shoot 6x6 and do a triptych over his shots. For each triptych I did a self portrait, a shot of the "landscape" and a shot of some flora in the landscape I was in. 

You can see more of Alex's great work on his Flickr stream or his website

Click the images to see them in their wide angle glory. 

I am pinholeing myself etching my pinhole camera at Rembrandt's house

I am pinholing myself making an etching of my pinhole camera

One of the museums my husband and I visited while we were in Amsterdam was Rembrandt's house. It was one of the best museum experiences I have ever had and well worth the cost of admission. Usually they will have people doing demonstrations throughout the house of paint making and print making. Sadly, the day we went there were no demonstrations. however, the disappointment was erased when we went to the studio at the top floor and found an etching workshop! We made and etching of our own onto plexiglass and then made a print from our etching - all of which we could take home. It was a fantastic experience! 

I decided to draw a picture of my pinhole camera and make and etching and a print of that. And then as I was drawing it I decided it would be kind of awesome to open the shutter and make an exposure while I was doing this. The pinhole photograph isn't the best but it was a fun little experiment.

Here is a photo of a print of the etching that I made. I am not very good at drawing, as  you can see. But still, it's fun to do. Printmaking is another fascination of mine that I would like to explore in the future. it was kind of fun to mesh two of my interests together. 

My WPPD Entry

I am back from Amsterdam and had an unforgettable week there. I am still trying to process it all. I've been enjoying going through all of the photos I took. I thought I'd get back into my blogging routine by posting my submission for WPPD. Here is a shot of our group in the Jenever bar Inge took us to. This was exposed for about 30 minutes with my Zero 2000 using Ektar. It was hard to choose just one but I picked this one because for me the highlight of the day - and the trip - was meeting this fine group of folks. Pinhole people are the best! 

I'll write more about my trip in the coming days. I have lots of great photos to share. 

Alex wrote a great post about our day on his blog Pinholista. 

You should also check out the WPPD gallery from our group at the pinholday website.